Thursday, September 8, 2016

Chris Conner - Franchise Marketing Systems Shows

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Franchise Marketing Systems exhibits at franchise shows on a regular basis in order to support new franchise development efforts and also to market to potential business owners looking to franchise a brand out into new markets.  This coming year is no different, a significant push is being made to target high growth markets and work diligently to focus on areas where potential franchise business opportunities exist for clients and for new franchise brands.

September 24th and 25th is the first time that Franchise Marketing Systems has sponsored an entire exhibition and will be holding what is called the Franchise Pavilion as a way to increase exposure for new franchise brands and offer an aggressive booth program for new franchisors where franchise marketing budgets are lean.

Through 2016, Franchise Marketing Systems will be exhibiting at 6 Tradeshows in Minneapolis, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta (x2) and Raleigh North Carolina.  The 2017 Tradeshow circuit for Franchise Marketing Systems is even more aggressive with 36 shows on the schedule including several Canadian markets (Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Calgary and Edmonton).

At most of these shows, Christopher Conner, Franchise Marketing Systems President, will be presenting on either How to Franchise Your Business or how to make the transition from employee to business owner.  The shows offer free workshops to attendees on business topics and franchising allowing visitors to benefit from meeting the franchise brands that exhibit at the shows in addition to leveraging franchise industry professional's insight and experience.

The franchise shows will be staffed by several of Franchise Marketing Systems team members and generally a handful of FMS clients will be exhibiting at the shows as well.  Mr. Conner will typically be at all of the shows and works closely with clients to make sure that the exhibition runs smoothly.  Franchise shows will vary in size and cost, all depending on where the show is located and who is putting on the show.  Some shows are industry specific as well and will only make sense for certain franchise categories (restaurant shows for example).

If you are considering marketing your franchise brand or would like to investigate franchising, Franchise shows make a great venue for either.  There are very few ways to get in front of as many people in one place as you can at a show.  Franchise shows create an exceptional place to meet a large group of people in the industry, get to ask questions and really dig into the franchise business as a whole.

Here is a list of shows that Franchise Marketing Systems will be exhibiting at the balance of 2016 and the majority of 2017 - 

Franchise Marketing Systems is always able to get free passes for guests to the shows, if you are in a market close to a show or would like to travel to come see us, email Chris Conner at  

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