Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Maid Service Franchise Growth

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Franchise opportunities are growing every day and the hospitality and cleaning service is no exception. There are numerous chances to grow and own your own business. One of those ways is with eMaids. This amazing franchise opportunity has shown tremendous growth and recently they have opened up 14 franchise locations. Why are they growing so quickly? Take a look at what makes eMaids an amazing chance for you to own your own business and consider participating in this ever growing industry.

Brand Image and Amazing Service
Since 2005 eMaids have been cleaning and servicing a variety of customers in the New York area. They have offered services to residential locations making it easy to have clean and fresh locations at all times. Their established brand image has become a household name in the hearts of many of their customers. All of their employees are insured and bonded to give the homeowners peace of mind when they are there. All of the employees where the brand uniform so that the clients know who is entering their locations. This reiterates the brand image and also gives peace of mind to the clients. (

The booking of the service is quite easy and can be done in less than 30-seconds online. The clients also never pay for a room they do not want cleaned and every service they receive is of the utmost quality.

Proven Growth Model
From a franchise standpoint the eMaids company has a proven model showing growth and potential for all investors. Since 2004 the leadership in charge has had vast training and experience in the maid industry that they pass down in their training to you. They offer training and great business opportunities for you to start your own franchise location in the area of your choice. They have been passing down their experience and training to others for years and can help you to make the most of your new location.

You’ll receive amazing training on the business model, business systems, and the services in general that eMaids is known for. Your low investment upfront will return to you even more than you can imagine. The growth in this industry is increasing daily as there are more and more clients needing the services that eMaids has to offer.

Be a Part of the Growth
If you’re considering owning a franchise of your own and have interest in the maid service franchise market, eMaids is a great brand to investigate. They have a proven growth and business model that will help you to see continued growth in your location for years to come. You’re never alone as you have the experience and support of a highly trained team on your side. From your grand opening to the day-to-day workings of the company, you’ll be supported by a nationally recognized brand. Call their office or fill out the online form today to see how you can start the process of joining this amazing family of franchise owners. You can run your own business and start out with an established brand, marketing plan and the support you need to be successful!
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