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Need for Healthcare Staffing Franchises is Increasing!

Healthcare Franchises and Healthcare Jobs on The Rise  – 7/15/2014

Healthcare Franchises on the Rise
July 15, 2014

Even when the times are tough, people always need good professional healthcare services.

Generally speaking, the medical industry has weathered the economic storm better than other industries.  Truly, if any market segment can say "economy resistant", it is the healthcare field.  The same is true for Healthcare Franchises which have been on a strong growth curve for the past ten years. Since the economic downturn in the U.S. and around the world from 2008-2013, the medical industry has seen several categories of professions and franchises which have done exceedingly well and should be considered by anyone looking for a career change or to start a new business.

There is some great data provided by the bureau of labor which supports these findings.

Still today as has been over the recent decade, Registered nurses (RNs) are continuing to be in enormously high demand virtually everywhere around the world.  The bottom line is that there are not enough of them to serve the growing demand for good nurse staffing needs.  The Average nurse makes over $70k per year in the U.S. and there are growing demands every year for more.

Franchises which fill this need include:

Star Nursing - www.StarNursing.com

The next category of growth is within the home healthcare segment.  Home health aides have enormous growth potential in their market.  More and more people are wanting to say in their own home and have the care come to them.  The average pay for a non-skilled home health aide is over $25k in the U.S. and the numbers are growing exponentially, almost 50% faster than the average job position in the U.S.

Franchises in this market niche:

Caring Matters Home Care - www.CaringMattersHomeCare.com 

Emergency Medical Technicians is the next high growth segment of the medical field.  EMTs are generally dealing with pretty difficult situations in emergency roles.  The average pay for this field is almost $40k per year and the market is growing by almost 25% faster than the average job market in the U.S.

Franchises in this market:

Caliber Patient Care - www.CaliberPatientCare.com 

Physical Therapist Assistants work under physical therapists and are also in high demand.  The average income for this group is in excess of $55k per year and there is a 41% higher than average growth rate.

Franchises in this market:
Apex - www.apexnetworkfranchise.com

Healthcare administrators are the business end of the medical world.  They are highly educated and come with great resumes.  Average pay is over $100k per year and the field is expanding very quickly.  

Bottom line, the medical field is growing, time to look this direction if you are looking for a change!

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