Monday, June 23, 2014

1-800-Muffins Franchise Launch

1-800 Muffins has announced the launch of a new franchise program to introduce the retail model offered by the company to new markets.  The 1-800 Muffins brand was developed originally in the South Florida market by a group of astute business people.   After realizing the demand, interest and surge of customers asking for high quality muffins in most markets across the U.S., the 1-800 Muffins leadership team started the brand to deliver an amazing product and shopping experience.   With this, the business has grown into several channels, ecommerce, wholesale, retail and franchising.
The 1-800 Muffins model includes a complete retail model complete with posh, upscale d├ęcor and a simple yet elegant motif.  People are greeted with white counters, sheik design and a retail model laden with glass and high-end products throughout.  
Mr. Hillel Presser, President and Founder of 1-800 Muffins had this to say, “Our retail model was designed to offer someone great products with an amazing experience, we wanted to keep the model simple, but fun and convenient for people.”
The new franchise program for 1-800 Muffins offers a corporate training program, the 1-800 Muffins marketing program, store development, site location support, technology and can now leverage a proven system, a growing brand name and a leader in the food industry in addition to vendor relationships and a wide-range of service offerings from corporate.

About 1-800 Muffins:
1-800-MUFFINS is a gourmet gift company that provides the freshest, best tasting, most gourmet muffins and muffin tops. We like to think of ourselves as the “Ben & Jerry’s” of muffins because of our unique variety of muffin flavors. 
1-800-MUFFINS is a gift that the entire family can enjoy year round for any occasion. Everyone likes muffins, and muffins are one of the only baked items that can be eaten throughout the day. People eat muffins for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Our muffins have been sent as welcome home gifts, thank you gifts, new born baby gifts, and of course as gifts for every Holiday you can imagine. Our customers will never run out of reasons to order muffins for themselves, or as a gift.

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