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Sherri's Crab Cakes Franchise

Sherri's Crab Cakes FranchiseSeasonal franchise businesses available with existing revenue in place.  Buy into an existing, successful business.
A Business Model with consistent, strong opportunity in a business that provides a product everyone wants.  Through integrity, good business practice and a strong operating model, the Sherri’s Distributorship offers partners a working model with a low initial investment and enormous upside potential.

Be In Business For Yourself, not By Yourself.  Join a winning team with over 16 years of experience and a business model that has proven systems in place.

The History 
Sherri's Fun Foods was founded in 1996 by Keith & Sherri Behney. While attending various festivals selling other food products, they noticed there were very few vendors selling good crab cakes, so after extensive research, product testing and the successful search for a suitable partner, they began selling crab cakes at various shows and festivals.

In 1999, the Behney's bought out their partners and made it a full-time venture. The word of Sherri's Crab Cakes spread quickly around events throughout the Mid-Atlantic States and has expanded to over 200 shows annually from Boston to Florida where customers and venues alike know Sherri's Crab Cakes for their great product, clean organized stands and great people.

In recent years Sherri's Crab Cakes has added distributors based in other markets and they are expanding our reach to more and more new shows each year.  In 2012 Sherri's is starting their 17th year in business. We look forward to serving you at festivals all over the East Coast from Boston to Key West Florida.
Sherri’s offers a delicious crab cake product that is literally unparalleled in the marketplace in taste, consistency and quality.  We have been selling the product since 1996 and have created a market leadership position throughout the Eastern United States as providing the best Crab Cakes available.  When Sherri’s Crab Cakes takes a booth at shows and festivals, customers are thrilled with the fact that they can get the best products from a simple and convenient format from a booth setting.


To build a brand throughout the United States starting in the Eastern U.S. that means quality products, value and focus on great service through professional and convenient booth/stand retail locations.   The marketplace for crab cakes is largely unbranded and without a major retailer – it is our vision and goal to build a model and brand that stands for exceedingly high standards of product, service, quality and value for the customer.  Sherri’s will continue to develop the way people shop for Crab Cakes while providing distributor partners a strong and viable business model.


Distributors will own and operate their own small business selling delicious crab cakes at upscale festivals and events including Fine Art Shows, Arts and Crafts Shows, Street Fairs, Wine & Beer Festivals, Seafood Festivals, Car/Bike Shows and more. Gross sales for these events can run into the thousands of dollars per day and our exclusive distributor will earn significant daily CASH profits working their own business at current festivals (in some markets) we are already a part of and additional events that can be added in the market.
Locations should have the following elements in place:
-       High Traffic Shows – the busier the event, the better
-       Middle to Higher income demographics
-       Larger Population of Families
-       Proximity to an “Anchor Stands”
We look for high traffic shows, but want to keep rents for the show at $500 per show or lower to keep the overhead low and the profit high.  The model only requires that you have a few employees, someone to work the booth and greet the customers and travel to the exhibitions to offer Crab Cakes to the customers at any given event.  It is a high volume operation with very simplistic operating structure that allows for maximum profitability.
Contact us for More Information on the Sherri's Crab Cakes Distributor Model.
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