Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Berrylicious Frozen Yogurt Franchise

What do you Get with a BerryLicious Frozen Yogurt Franchise?

You get the best marketing programs, business development, location assistance and management support in the business!  We pride ourselves on amazing marketing, operational and management support through a diverse and experienced management team.  BerryLicious’ business as a service provider has been built and defined by the quality and level of the service and experience we provide, you will get everything you need from experienced mentors to run and build your business together with the BerryLicious team.

Recession Proof. WTH
You will become part of a recession-resistant business; people will pay for a great family experience and a short “break” from the day-to-day grind with BerryLicious, even when the economy is doing poorly!  The Frozen Yogurt Industry continues to grow at an amazing pace.  People want great taste, but they also demand healthy and nutritious – Frozen Yogurt is one of the only treats that can deliver both. 

You have finally found that market that makes sense.  A market that is full of growth, opportunity and FUN.  Now you can experience the joy of owning and operating your own business with a BerryLicious Frozen Yogurt Franchise.  We will deliver the training, support and systems, you just need to be ready to work hard and follow the proven business methods and processes have put together for you in our confidential operations manual and training programs.    

The Key to success in any business is your knowledge and understanding for the service and products you provide.  BerryLicious Frozen Yogurt has a complete program to introduce you to the frozen yogurt industry and help you get your business started ahead of the curve.  For one week, you will come to the BerryLicious headquarters and learn the processes, techniques and business systems that have helped the concept become so successful.  Our goal is to have you start your business and feel like you have been in the industry for years.  We have the tools and processes to get you there.   

We don’t stop at corporate training; our support goes into the field as well and comes to your location.  We will come to your location for one week as part of the franchise start up to work with you and make sure you have the business up and running as you would like.  You will be given the tools and guidance needed to not only start this business, but to have the confidence and direction needed to become a market leader in the frozen yogurt industry.  Our Franchisees are our number one priority and you can expect the highest level of care possible from our management team.

Contact us about the Berrylicious Frozen Yogurt Franchise:
800-610-0292 / info@franchisemarketingsystems.com

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