Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your Pro Kitchen Franchise

Commisary Kitchen FranchiseYour Pro Kitchen Franchise Overview - The Your Pro Kitchen model has been designed, managed and implemented by Mrs. Cindy Pickering.  The concept has been remarkably successful in a relatively short time period.  Over the past three years, Cindy and her husband Brad have refined, reworked and developed what now is a well-oiled machine.  The systems in place utilize technology, processes and operating procedures that allow for an owner operator to earn a sizeable potential return andKitchen Franchise have a relatively moderate work schedule.  Here is the overview of the concept based on the corporate location of Your Pro Kitchen.  You may or may not see the same results in your operating model – there are many factors that determine how successful your operation will be.
The reasons that a Your Pro Kitchen franchise model delivers value:
  1. Proven System of Operations.  Successful prototype in operation for over three years with technology, operating systems and operations manuals that define and allow you to learn how to run the business in a shorter time period.
  2. Brand recognition throughout Florida – customers utilize the YPK model from Miami to Jacksonville and everywhere in between.  The concept and brand are growing quickly and allowing more and more food service entrepreneurs to get into business for themselves.
  3. Use of Technology.  The YPK model incorporates technology throughout to manage Your Pro Kitchen Franchisescheduling, market the concept and overall business management.  This technology is implemented through online and hosted systems.
  4. Training and Support – The YPK model will come complete with training and support.  As a franchise, the corporate team will have a vested interest in your success and happiness as part of the YPK family.  We have corporate training at the corporat headquarters in Largo in addition to training at your location.
  5. Protection of a franchise – Franchise investments have an 89% success rate vs. new business start ups which have a 90% failure rate.  (According to SBA)
  6. Being a franchise partner to Your Pro Kitchen, you can count on support, unlimited access and big benefits to being one of the early adopters to the YPK System.
  7. Our business plans and guidance will provide you with a road map to building your business successfully.
Commercial Kitchen FranchiseCurrently, the Your Pro Kitchen brand has opened it's first franchise in Naples, Florida and is looking for new partners throughout the State of Florida.   The concept is simple, easy to learn and is a completely new market segment for people who love the food marketplace and want to be part of something NEW and with great GROWTH POTENTIAL.  Come see the two operating locations in Largo and Naples for a better idea of how the model works!
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