Thursday, October 25, 2012

WIN Programs Franchise

WIN Sales Training Franchise
A full reliable Sales Force Development corporate solution.  WIN has been providing organizations around the globe with proven and effective sales/management training solutions and strategies.   The WIN Franchise program will teach, train and develop franchisees in order to build and launch profitable and systemized sales training businesses.
The sales training franchise can be operated from a home office location when the business is first launched.  This allows for a lower initial investment and a reasonable start up cost.  The business model is a high margin, service operation that provides training and sales consulting to companies and organizations of all sizes and in many different industries. 
Overview of the WIN Sales Support Program:
  • Ground Zero Sales force Skills Assessment of their sales team for training optimization locally and internationally,
  • Classroom sales trainings , certifications and coaching for sales turnover growth
  • E-learning 365 days 24/7 online sales trainings locally and internationally,
  • Comparison Skills saeles force devlopment Improvement assessment
  • Hire Star  business developers, executives, sales managers and sales people based on your companies sales needs
Benefits of the WIN Sales Program:
Easy, Practical and your clients will love it - the value and the increased productivity you will be able to offer your clients is unparalleled. 
We offer many different solutions for organizations including:
- Workshop Trainings
- Online 24/7/365 Virtual Training Programs
- Webinars with live face to face Trainers
- Certification of sales personnel and professionals
- Sales Assessments of current sales team members
- Hiring and development of current sales team
- Coaching
- Recruiting

Pick one of the 3 options below
  1. Master Franchisee sells sub-franchises in the territory to third parties and/or open your own Franchise.
  2. Unit Franchisee develops your training center within a specific region.
  3. Certified Partner is a business experts who desire top-notch tools to help its clients grow their revenue.

Opportunities in
Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Russia...
Middle East and North Africa: Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt...
Asia and America

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