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Tutoring Center Franchises

Franchise Success Stories:

SouthWood CCLC

Creative Child Learning Center®

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ONCE UPON A TIME in a little town called Weston there lived Brian Ager, his wife Eileen and their nine-year-old son Bobby. Brian had just finished his business degree and was working for Florida Power and Light. Eileen had just completed her Master’s Degree in Education and was a teacher in the Broward County School system. They were both excitedly awaiting the birth of their first daughter and since Eileen was planning to go back to work, they began looking for preschools. As their search began, they became very disheartened. Each school they went to was missing something. Either it was a friendly smile, sunny classrooms, happy teachers, or a busy playground. They just couldn’t find that one special place where they would feel comfortable leaving their precious baby. At that moment they decided that as parents themselves, they knew what parents look for in quality childcare, and they could offer their daughter as well as other children that special “home away from home” atmosphere. In May 1995 their daughter Brianna was born and in July 1995 Brian, Eileen and Brian’s mother Joan became partners and the proud owners of Creative Child Learning Center®.

Davie – Plantation school

Their first school was definitely a “fixer upper,” licensed for 126 children but only had 40 enrolled. The first thing they did was change the existing name and spent the next few months painting, buying new materials, and hiring qualified teachers. As the years went on, the school was filled to capacity, received The Gold Seal Award of Excellence from county licensing and also became NAEYC Accredited. It was time to move to a bigger building!!

Camp Explorer

In 1998, along with awaiting the arrival of their second daughter Alexa, the Agers had the opportunity to design and build the new school in Weston. The most important things that they wanted were lots of windows, spacious classrooms, and a huge playground. Everyone from the little school moved into the new building and they continued growing until they reached their new capacity of 200. In this same year, Creative Child expanded into the Coral Springs area.
Their Camp Explorer® After School and Summer Camp program, designed for elementary school age children, was also growing in leaps and bounds! Creative Child Learning Center® was definitely making a name for itself in west Broward County.

Coral Springs

The Agers moved from Weston to the Davie area in 2000. In that same year, Creative Child Learning Center® in Davie opened its doors. This area was in such demand for preschools that in 2002 Phase II of the Davie school was opened. This was now the biggest Creative Child Learning Center® yet. How proud they were to be part of so many children’s lives! All of their schools thus far had received the Gold Seal Award of Excellence and were nationally accredited.
But it wasn’t over yet! They had a wonderful opportunity to build their school in a brand new St. Joe community called Southwood in Tallahassee. They were very excited to expand into north Florida. Therefore, Creative Child Learning Center® of Southwood opened in January 2004.
It has been a very exciting 17 years for the Agers. They feel so honored to touch so many lives – children, parents, teachers and all of the wonderful people they come in contact with on a daily basis. Their goal is to continue to maintain the high standards they were looking for so many years ago when they were the “prospective parent” in their search for a quality preschool. Together with the passion and professionalism of the teachers and administrators, the high standards of the school, and the cheerful atmosphere, it’s no wonder the children and families of the Creative Child Learning Center® live happily ever after.

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