Thursday, October 25, 2012

Come 2 You Mobile Detailing Franchise

The Come 2 You Come to you Mobile Detailing franchiseMobile Detailing Franchise model is a home-based business model where franchisees have the opportunity to build and manage a business operating entirely from a home office.

The mobile detailing industry has long been an unbranded and "mom and pop" industry, it is time that a truly profitable system was offered where people could group together and operate under a unified brand using consistent measures of quality and proven systems for operations and marketing the services.
The Come 2 You Mobile Detailing organization offers to the consumer a convenient, fast and efficient way to have their vehicle serviced while saving them money and stress in the process.  The franchise model offers an extremely low investment ($15,000 can get a business started) with the opportunity to generate income of $100,000 or higher (refer to FDD for earnings claim).  This type of business model  does not currently exist in the franchise marketplace, and there is considerable opportunity for Come 2 You to create that market leading position in the mobile detailing market space. Mobile Car Wash Franchise
With the Come 2 You model, you will get the best marketing programs, business development, location assistance and management support in the business!  We pride ourselves on amazing marketing, operational and management support through a diverse and experienced management team.  Come 2 You’s business as a service provider has been built and defined by the quality and level of the service and experience we provide, you will get everything you need from experienced mentors to run and build your business together with the Come 2 You Mobile Detailing team.
By franchising the concept, Come 2 You Mobile Detailing will be able to move more quickly in establishing itself as a national brand in the mobile auto and service market - everyone has the opportunity to be more successful when working together under a unified name and system.
The Come 2 You concept is designed for people who are ready to work hard, but want to do something they truly enjoy.  The Come 2 You Mobile Detailing Model is unique and provides a approach to the auto detailing and car wash market.  First, the operations are mobile which provides for low overhead and convenience to the customer.  Secondly, the processes and methods used in providing and delivering services to the clients are refined and specialized in particular to Come 2 You.  Third, Come 2 You has worked with many commercial client opportunities that can be scaled and offer value to the franchise investors.  

Car Detailing FranchiseThe Key to success in any business is your knowledge and understanding for the service and products you provide.  Come 2 You has a complete program to introduce you to the auto service industry and help you get your business started ahead of the curve.  For three weeks, you will come to the Come 2 You headquarters and learn the processes, techniques and business systems that have helped the concept become so successful.  Our goal is to have you start your business and feel like you have been in the industry for years.  We have the tools and processes to get you there.

We don’t stop at corporate training; our support goes into the field as well and comes to your location.  We will come to your location for three to five days as part of the franchise start up to work with you and make sure you have the business up and running as you would like.  You will be given the tools and guidance needed to not only start this business, but to have the confidence and direction needed to become a market leader in the auto service industry.  Our Franchisees are our number one priority and you can expect the highest level of care possible from our management team.

For more information on the Come 2 You Mobile Detailing Franchise,
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