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AZ Air Time Franchise - Jump Center Franchise

Air Time Jump Center FranchiseOUR VISION

AZ Air Time will be the premier provider and brand and service provider for the Jump-Center children’s fitness and entertainment industry segment.  By delivering an authentic, fun, clean, safe and entertaining environment, kids and families can have fun together.


AZ Air Time is a unique business system that fits into one of the fastest and most exciting industry segments in the jump center marketplace.  This concept exploded onto the market in 2005 with wider spread awareness for the model around the country.  The idea of trampolinesJump Center Franchise indoors grouped together was so outrageous that it literally took the market by storm - sales per square foot were through the roof and lines of children and families were out the doors with people wanting to see the action.  On 2/14/2011, after years of research, development and planning AZ Air Time was born.  Jeff and Barry Jenkins, a father son team based in Phoenix, Arizona saw the explosive growth opportunity and loved the concept.  Jeff brought a background in construction work and had vast business experience working with builders and building supply organizations throughout the United States.  Barry had successfully built and developed a garage door supplier and service organization that provided service to the Southwestern United States.  Both father and son shared a common goal, build a business that allowed them to work with their grandkids and children and create the most exciting, profitable and well-managed jump center business on the market.   
Systems have been developed and processes have been defined that will allow for the efficient duplication of the Phoenix model.  By utilizing an independent network of commercial real estate brokers, AZ Air Time franchisees will benefit from established relationships and local real estate expertise in finding and locating great spaces.


The AZ Air Time concept is an amazing business model - it is impressive due to the sheer size alone being a 25,000 square foot location.  The concept has been set up to facilitate a large number of children and people all at one time maximizing the revenue potential of the location.  Areas have been segmented to allow for safer play with a larger number of participants.  Bouncers are set up next to one another to allow for an amazingly exciting experience for all who take part.  The main trampoline in the center is 5,000 square feet making it the largest trampoline in the state.  Angled walls with trampolines allow for side bouncing maneuvers and an experience that customers just don’t forget.  It is the ultimate combination of family fun and good exercise in one outing.
Unless specific circumstances are in place, most AZ Air Time locations will lease the space as opposed to owning the building.  The concept is reliant on a good location, not necessarily a Class “A” lease, but at a minimum Class “B” which would be visible but would allow for a reasonable rent.  The franchise owner or operating partner for a AZ Air Time should be proficient at interacting with and selling to individuals and families on a regular basis.

WHY AZ AIR TIME?Jump Centers Franchise

The following points are the individual aspects of AZ Air Time, which demonstrate a strong potential for duplication of the AZ Air Time business model through franchising:
Operating prototype – strong operating location in Phoenix that is run and operated by the management and founders of AZ Air Time will serve as the flagship model for Air Time.
Profitable business – AZ Air Time has significant potential ROI for a franchise owner.  An AZ Air Time unit is projected to do $4,000,000 in sales with EBITDA of $1,525,294 based on corporate unit sales.  *Visit the FDD Item 19 for more specifics on earnings claims.
20 percent ROI plus manager’s salary – The rule in the franchise industry is that the business model should be able to do at least a 20% ROI by the end of the second year in business.  The AZ Air Time model allows for this standard with a 107% ROI on cash for a franchisee by the end of the second year.
Operationally sound – The AZ Air Time model is operationally structured well for duplication through a customized operating system and processes that allow for consistent management and proven results.
Adaptable nationally – The AZ Air Time model is adaptable to any market with a large Jump Center Franchisepopulation of children and families with appropriate demographics in place.
Public acceptance – the American public and general perception is that the combination of fun, fitness and education is a good fit.  Families and children alike are demanding more unique and fun ways to educate kids and provide for a fit and fun way to spend a day together.
Point of difference – The AZ Air Time Model is one of many children’s fitness based franchise models.  The organization is differentiated by focusing on the jump center side of the business.  In addition, the concept has been structured to offer a unique model that focuses on safety, quality, cleanliness and ultimately the experience for the families and children that visit the centers.
Teachable to others – The AZ Air Time concept is teachable to others, but requires a management-minded individual that could grasp the multi-faceted business model that AZ Air Time offers.  The concept is simple, the size and scale of the business are what require someone who not only has the capital, but also has the ability to grasp such a large concept.

We can talk all we want about how great the AZ Air Time model is and what the business can do for a franchise partner, but it’s what you hear from the customer which makes the business model truly so attractive.
From: DeAnn Osborn [mailto:deann………]
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 3:32 PM
Subject: Katie in Party Planning
I just want to take a moment tell you how impressed I am with AZ Airtime & how wonderful Katie is … she made a very special little girl “Scream with Joy”.  I am planning a party there this Saturday for my daughter’s birthday and one of her friends (Sage) has a Gluten allergy.  I explained this to Katie and how I did not want Sage to be left out.  She said she would check on it for me and get back to me.  She quickly called me back and not only did she have a gluten free pizza available but also suggested a gluten free cupcake!!  I in turn called the mother of the little girl to inform her that she did not have to bring food for Sage.  She was floored and mentioned that no other company has ever done this before.  She then proceeded to tell her little girl who Screamed with Joy!!  Thank you soo much for having this set in place so that no child feels left out!!  My hat goes off to you and Katie.
DeAnn Osborn
From: Joe Ryan [mailto:Joe………]
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2012 7:35 AM
To: Jeff Jenkins
Cc: michael fraser
Subject: Re: Special Needs Rate (Jennifer's Rate)
Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know we visited your location at Scottsdale Road & Thunderbird yesterday, and your staff handled everything great! They read your email and had us check-in and on our way in moments.

Then, it got even better. We have two two-year-olds and a four-year-old who play in the area designated for younger kids--our eight-year-old camped in the Foam Pit. When we walked up, one of your employees was sitting dutifully in his chair in the corner of the little kids' area. The kids went to play and within minutes, Matthew was up dancing and playing with them. It was great to see someone engaged and enjoying his job. We certainly didn't expect him to play with the kids, but he sure made it fun for them by doing so. Our kids loved Matthew, and I wanted to write you and let you know what a great experience it was. Here's a video I took of Matthew having fun with our kids in the bounce house:

Similarly, the guy in the foam pit was playing with the kids and having a great time, also. We posted notes on Facebook about how great AZ Airtime is and encouraged other people to give it a go. We can't say enough positive things about AZ Airtime or its staff--very helpful and engaged.

Thanks again!
Joe Ryan
Market Focus
The AZ Air Time Model will focus on key metropolitan markets where the demographics and population size can not only support the business model, but has the opportunity exceed what the corporate location has done.  Franchisees in all states will be directed to locate the business closer to key metropolitan markets where these demographics are apparent.


Although there may be a number of viable franchisee profiles, AZ Air Time Management believes that it should try to attract franchisees that meet the following criteria:
  • Strong sales and customer service abilities.
  • Good with Timing and Schedule Management.
  • High personal standards.
  • Able to meet initial investment requirements.
  • Community Focused. 
  • Enjoys working with children
  • Great service people
  • Operate with complete integrity
  • Comfort level in sales and marketing the concept. 
For more information on the Air Time Jump Center Franchise, contact us:
800-610-0292 /

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