Sunday, April 1, 2012

My House Fitness Franchise

My House Fitness was built on a proud tradition of professionalism and a unique, unwavering commitment to excellent personal training service and results oriented fitness planning. The company is based on a long tradition of athletics, business management and passion for fitness. My House Fitness was founded based on decades of experience working in the fitness industry and pulled together the most valuable and effective portions of the fitness industry to combine and deliver a complete personal training business model.

The My House Fitness name and reputation was staked to a commitment that is fulfilled every day in that the customer’s needs are priority number one when they enter a My House Fitness’s gym.

My House Fitness Family Commitments:
- Deliver the best personal training experience to the customer possible every time.
- Customize training programs to meet each customer’s goals on an individual basis.
- Focus on quality service and make every customer happy who walks through the doors of a My House Fitness location.
- Create an environment where fitness is a way of life and the people who are there to build a healthier lifestyle can connect through a community environment.

My House Fitness is a business model that was originally developed almost ten years ago. The founders have a background as division I athletes and have spent their lives working in and living in the fitness industry.

By bringing professionalism, service and a truly personalized atmosphere to the customer each and every day, My House Fitness was quickly able to establish itself in the Orlando, Florida market.
From the time the company was conceived, it was clear that the formula and business model would work anywhere there were customers and people looking for results oriented, personalized training that would help them meet their fitness goals.

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