Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hood Cleaners of America Franchise

Hood Cleaners of America FranchiseHood Cleaners of America was built on a proud tradition of professionalism and a unique, unwavering commitment to excellent great service and excellent client relationship management. The Hood Cleaners of America name and reputation was staked to a commitment that is fulfilled every day in that the customer’s needs are priority number one.
Hood Cleaners of America is a business model that was originally developed almostHood Cleaning Franchise thirty years ago by way of the commercial cleaning industry. By bringing professionalism, service and great business management to the customer each and every day, Hood Cleaners of America was quickly able to establish itself on a national landscape throughout Canada. The parent company had worked with national accounts throughout both Canada and the United States in the commercial cleaning business and saw an opportunity in the hood cleaning industry.

After building a multimillion organization spanning the entire Canadian and U.S. market, the hood cleaning business appealed to the management team for the following reasons:

  • Unique, niche market
  • High profit margins
  • Scalable service
  • High demand for services with regulations and laws
  • Undeveloped competition

Hood Cleaners of America FranchiseWith this, and an understanding for what it takes to build an international commercial services organization, Hood Cleaners of America was born. Over the past five years, the company has grown to establish itself as the largest provider of restaurant hood cleaning services in Canada.
Training & Support
The Hood Cleaners of America Franchise model provides a complete training and support program to franchise partners. The benefit of joining Hood Cleaners of America as a franchisee is that you get to skip the learning curve of starting a new business. By providing you with thirty years of business experience and coaching, you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that typically plague a new business.
Corporate Training Includes:

  • Covers all Administrative Duties
  • One Week at the Corporate Headquarters (Outside Toronto)
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Employee Management
  • Hood Cleaners of America’s Leadership Skills
  • The “Service Mindset”
  • Understanding the Processes
  • Finding the right Marketing program for your Area

Field Training:
  • One Week in the Field at Your LocationCanada Franchise
  • Territory based Experience
  • Sales and Marketing
  • New Business Development
  • Assistance with Management
  • “Kick Off”

  • Field Support
  • Phone Training and Ongoing Support
  • Webinars
  • 24/7 Service to Franchisees
  • Hood Cleaners of America’s Dedication to the “Family
For more information on the Hood Cleaners of America franchise, contact us, 800-610-0292.

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  1. Restaurant hood cleaning is an important job in my opinion! Making sure the hoods and other equipment is cleaned up, sanitary and ready for use.


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