Thursday, January 26, 2012

Generate My Ads License Sells Second Location

Generate My Ads has just sold their second license.  This partner is located in the Boston market.  The first Generate My Ads license partner is based in the Pennsylvania market.  For more information on the Generate My Ads business model:

GenerateMyAds is the premier car dealer solution for increasing the impact of internet marketing campaigns. We are an advertising agency started by Car Guys for Car Guys. Our management team and copywriting professionals effectively market inventory online at the least possible cost per sale. GenerateMyAds prides itself on the fact that every member of our team has been personally handpicked for their experience in creative writing, advertising, and diversity in a broad range of e-Commerce industries.

The team at GenerateMyAds has decades combined expertise in functional, real-time, web-based internet marketing and is highly-focused on responsive content that can sell product! GenerateMyAds’ creative team provides an affordable option for automobile internet advertising and marketing to auto dealers ready to round out their internet marketing plans. GenerateMyAds reaches out to buyers on a personal level, making an emotional connection that can further solidify auto dealer lead generation.Generate My Ads License Opportunity
GenerateMyAds provides a service that is customized to the specifications of the client.  The Automotive industry is a business segment that is known for a lack of creative resources.  Advertising and marketing for the vehicles and inventory is a primary example of this, the copy and marketing that is provided for dealerships is standardized and always has the same “look and feel”.  GenerateMyAds brings a unique, responsive and cutting edge look to the dealership brand which in the end more effectively moves inventory for the dealer.    
There are many benefits to being an entrepreneur.  You have the flexibility to spend more time with family, manage your own schedule and have the opportunity to earn the income you’ve always wanted to achieve.  When you become a part of the GenerateMyAds Family, you have the chance to do all of this.  We provide you with the tools, knowledge and support you need to be successful in starting and building your own business.
Generate My Ads FranchiseGenerateMyAds has built and designed the best vehicle advertising services and web marketing systems to create an excellent value proposition to car dealers within your territory.  With almost 10 years of experience in the industry, we can get you started off on the right track.
GenerateMyAds will allow you to get into the driver's seat of your own future.   The business model has been designed to provide maximum value and revenue generation opportunities through a customized and structured marketing program. We have defined a business model that will differentiate your services and opportunity and allow you to build a successful service model in as short of a time period as possible.

The Generate My Ads License model is designed to be affordable so that most people can open the doors to this opportunity and get into business for themselves. The GenerateMyAds concept is a simple business model that relies on consistency, accountability and a dedication to new business development.
For more information on the Generate My Ads License Model, Contact Us:  (800) 610-0292.

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