Friday, November 4, 2011

GENERATE MY ADS License Program

CreateYourBIZ  rides October auto sales wave with Entrepreneurial Licensing  Opportunity of its groundbreaking persuasive content services.

GenerateMyAds, a leader in persuasive content marketing, responds to October auto sales increase by offering entrepreneurs an opportunity to offer persuasive content services to franchise auto dealers nationally. ­­

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) November 8, 2011
GenerateMyAds ( announced today they have formed CreateYourBIZ (http://www.CreateYourBIZ­.com) to offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to market persuasive content services to franchise auto dealers by building their own independent business. 

"There is a great deal of talented people in the marketplace seeking to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit with the right opportunity.  GenerateMyAds’   recurring revenue Licensing model coupled with the sharp increases in auto sales provides a triple win situation for all the parties.  “CEO, Lee W. Epstein said.

October’s sharp sales increases reflect the combination of pent up demand from consumers delaying purchasing and successful marketing of remaining 2011 inventory. The current average vehicle life on the road is eleven years which is forcing consumers to act in spite of economic conditions. The pre-owned auto market continues to experience supply constraints resulting in extremely strong wholesale pricing.

Lee W Epstein, GenerateMyAds CEO, said “Both brand and dealer competition remain extremely tight and dealers must differentiate themselves from their competitors to maintain their market share. One of the best and most effective methods is through persuasive marketing to raise the impact of their online marketing campaigns. GenerateMyAds provides custom written persuasive vehicle descriptions that create an emotional connection with the customer to precipitate a call to action and eventually a sale. This process maximizes ROI for the dealers’ online ad budget which continues to grow as dealers migrate further from conventional media”
Small businesses are the economic engine of the economy and the demand for opportunities has exploded with many people experiencing early retirement, downsizing , layoffs etc. A great number of these affected are seeking entrepreneurial opportunities that offer them all the advantages of owning your own business such as financial freedom, ability to manage your own schedule, building value in an appreciating asset and taking control of your own future.  The GenerateMyAds license model has been designed to deliver all of these benefits to license partners in an efficient and simple business model.

CreateYourBiz  has tailored an opportunity that as addressed several of the factors that contribute to a start-up enterprise failing  in the first few years.

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