Monday, August 1, 2011

DJ's Couture License

DJ’s Couture was founded in July, 1995, by Eric Ciepluch, the current CEO and owner, operating just one system of equipment. While working for other companies in the area previous to ownership of DJ’s Couture, Eric felt a need to offer something different to clients in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. While in college, his parents, David and Deborah Ciepluch, encouraged him to start his own business. Year by year, DJ’s Couture has slowly expanded its operations. By 1998, it had blown into a full-time business, which surpassed the original plans of just being a part-time business to help put Eric through college.

In 1998, Eric was nominated for the the Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year Award by one his professors at UW-Whitewater, Bill Lowell, owner of Business Development Directives. Much to Bill and Eric’s delight and surprise, Eric won 2nd place for the entire state of Wisconsin. We will always be thankful for Bill Lowell’s thoughtfulness…thank you, Bill!

In late 2005, Eric met his wife Ilona (Pisarska) Ciepluch, and she immediately joined the DJ’s Couture team, becoming an instrumental and vital part of the ‘behind the scenes’ operations, handling everything from accounting to marketing, and most importantly, producing the slideshows/montages that are beautifully displayed at receptions and parties.

In 2007, The (a national publication and website for brides) chose DJ’s Couture a Top Pick by local brides for the state of WI. Thank you to all of you who voted for us.

In 2009, the U.S. Commerce Association voted DJ’s Couture the Best of Actors & Entertainment category in the city of Brookfield.

Most recently also in 2009, Wisconsin Bride chose DJ’s Couture as the Best of 2009 in the disc jockey category as the ONLY company chosen.

Thank you to all of the above organizations recognizing our hard effort and service over the years!

2011-Beyond with DJ’s Couture
DJ’s Couture is excited to announce the national expansion and eventual international expansion of its operations. Due to branding of our high-end, classy entertainment company, we are now DJ’s Couture. DJ’s needs no explanation. The broad definition of Couture is French for a high-end, customized clothing line. This better represents the personality of the company and the long-term expansion goals, as we are very insistent on customizing an event to each client and their needs.

This is a very exciting time and for those of you wishing to become part of the DJ’s Couture team, we invite you to check out ‘License Opportunities’, email us, and one of our consultants will be following up with you shortly!

The Opportunity is Here:
DJ’s Couture is a leader in the music entertainment service industry. For almost 20 years, the DJ’s Couture business system has refined and developed a process for building and managing a DJ Service business. The DJ’s Couture license model can show you how to take advantage of this expanding market and the growing need for premium and dependable music entertainment services. We offer a proven and effective way to start your own music entertainment business in an exclusive, protected territory.

Why Would You Start a Business with DJ’s Couture?
DJ’s Couture delivers the entire business model to you. When you start your new company, you will know how to organize your company, hire your staff, build your client base and deal with the ongoing management responsibilities of growing your business. You have the opportunity to get into business with the guidance and support of a world class organization and a team of specialists who have been through the process of building a DJ Organization and have made the mistakes for you.

Complete with training, Support and a License System that Cares about your Success:
Why do so many entrepreneurs start a business by joining a licensed system – because it’s not only the system itself, the value comes from being properly trained and guided on how to execute your new business model. Learn from our experience and time in the business, we want to help you be successful by leveraging our 20 years in this industry. We are firm believers in continual training at all levels within the organization and being there every step of the way as you build your DJ business.

In the Beginning:

When your license is first awarded and you are opening your business, you will begin our pre-opening process with DJ’s Couture staff. This process is documented, proven and successful in multiple markets. You will benefit from a team of experienced and dedicated trainers who are there for you in launching your new business. You can have comfort in the fact that from day one, you will have a team behind you as your new business opens its doors and you begin to service clients.

DJ’s Couture Support:
Your support doesn’t end after you open your business. We continually offer updated trainings and support through the DJ’s Couture staff. You can enjoy the benefits of being in business for yourself, but with the support and structure of a larger company behind you. Never feel alone as you are developing and building your market for DJ’s Couture. We care about your success!

DJ's Couture License Video:

For more detailed information on the franchise, please contact the DJ’s Couture Licensing Department:

Phone: (800) 610-0292

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