Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Weave Shop is Popping!

The Weave Shop will have more than 20 locations operating throughout Georgia, New Jersey and Michigan by the end of August, 2011!  With over 500 potential franchise contacts, the franchise is continuing to grow in markets around the United States.  It is long over due to have a brand and company that was founded for African American women, BY African American women.  The Weave Shop Franchise is here and will be in a town close to you soon. 

The Weave Shop is Popping:

The Weave Shop Mission : It is our mission of The Weave Shop to provide quality hair care services at an affordable price, while providing good paying jobs to our employees and enhancing the communities we service.

The Weave Shop History:  Latonya Saunderson, founder and co-owner of The Weave Shop (TWS), is a dynamic entrepreneur whose innovative weaving technique is revolutionizing the industry. Born in Brooklyn, NY, her family moved to Michigan when she was 4 years old. Growing up near Detroit, home of Motown, she naturally developed an interest in the music industry. Pursuing a career in the industry, Latonya later moved to Atlanta where she discovered her true calling, working for a hair salon in the Atlanta area. Feeling so inspired, Saunderson decided to open her own salon. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs made starting a business easy for Latonya: her brother Kevin Saunderson, a music legend, is one of the founding triumvirate of techno music; her mother Geraldine Withers is a financial services professional; her father, now deceased, was a restaurateur and an owner of multiple real properties.

With an undeniable passion for hair care and the beauty industry and by building upon a successful idea, the “express weave service,” The Weave Shop (TWS) was born. Latonya who is a licensed cosmetologist since 1994, wanted to provide clients with a reasonable and cost effective way to enjoy a great style - to look great for less! “There is no reason to pay hundreds of dollars for extensions, at The Weave Shop the base price for our service is just $50,” says Saunderson.

After opening the doors in a small office space (400 sq ft), with herself styling and a braider, Saunderson within four months outgrew the space and moved to a larger location in the Atlanta area. With the opening of her first storefront in Decatur, GA, her brother Kevin and his wife Sharmeela, embraced her vision and TWS’s potential and became business partners. Kevin is the President of the franchise entity. Sharmeela is the Creative Director of the company, while Latonya still develops hairstyle process. This dynamic combination and joining of minds helped to transform TWS into a family owned business. Understanding the need to pass on her entrepreneurial skills to her daughter, Ijaaz Saunderson, an inspiring model and hairstylist in her own right, Latonya brought her into the business, serving the joint role of model and hairstylist: she is one of the faces of TWS and a top stylist. Another face of TWS is Latonya’s sister Michelle, making TWS truly a family owned and operated business. Currently, in addition to the five locations in Georgia, with one opening soon, there are two locations in New Jersey, and four open in Michigan with two opening soon. “I want The Weave Shop to be all over the country”, says Saunderson.

With celebrity endorsements from VH1’s Basketball Wives reality star Jennifer Williams, Atlanta’s own Tiny (from Escape and Tiny and Toya), Risky (winner of Charm School), and Sarah Stokes (Making of the Band season 2), in addition to the Musical group OMG, The Weave Shop is the fastest growing hair extension salon in the United States. As the business continues to grow franchising opportunities will be made available.

Ambitious, goal oriented, a vibrant personality and warm spirit, is what makes Latonya Saunderson the leader in her field today.

For more information on The Weave Shop Franchise, Contact us:  (800) 610-0292.

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