Sunday, July 31, 2011

Safari Run Franchise is Changing Children's Lives

Safari Run Franchise is Changing the Way Kids View Fitness and Healthy Living

What is Safari Run?

Safari Run is a premier children’s activity center that features fitness classes, camps, public open play and private parties with innovative and engaging activities that educate while they entertain, making health and fitness fun for kids.

What is the Mission of Safari Run?

To inspire children to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Why Not Explore the Opportunity of a Safari Run Franchise? Have you thought about the excitement and freedom that comes with being the person in charge?

•The Safari Run Management and Franchise Team will train and support you while you take on this new endeavor with us.

•Safari Run has years of experience and modeling that you will benefit from in starting a business that has been proven – you will get the blueprints!

•Safari Run is family owned and operated; you can be assured that the people you will be working with will treat you like family and work with unparalleled levels of integrity and commitment to your support in running your business.

•Safari Run is in the Children’s Entertainment Industry. It is as close to a recession-proof industry as you can find. In recessionary times it is good to be in a business that is not considered discretionary by most.

•Have fun at work! Safari Run is all about a good time. It is rare that you will have a customer who isn’t thrilled about their experience at Safari Run. If you have to be working, wouldn’t you rather do it around people having fun?

•Manage your own life. Isn’t it time for you to consider taking control of your own schedule and lifestyle? Safari Run gives you the lifestyle you have always wanted. You can spend time with your family and manage your own schedule while running the business.

•Safari Run is unique – be in a business that is unlike anything in the area! Your customers, your bottom line and your marketing will benefit from such a different and attractive business.

Safari Run Corporate Location is based in San Mateo, California.

For more information on the Safari Run Franchise, Contact Us:  (800) 610-0292. 

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