Sunday, July 31, 2011

Caring Matters Home Care Franchise

About the Firm:
Caring Matters was founded in 2002, originally as Caring Companions in Reading, Pennsylvania. The company was built under the leadership of Mr. Russell Piper. Caring Matters founder had a career in the nursing field spanning over twenty years in caring for patients and working closely with those in need of nursing services. After years of working with a wide variety of clients and people, Mr. Piper decided there was need for an organization that would focus specifically on the quality of care that was delivered to the client. Above anything else, the people who truly CARE about their clients and are passionate about the client’s well being would join them in their focus to build a leading company in the home care industry.

Caring Matters was born and soon thereafter, a group of professionals were brought in to the company who shared the same core beliefs and ideas about what made patient care special. Soon, the Reading, PA office was bustling with over 250 employees and the In Home Care landscape had been changed forever. Together with the assistance of a dedicated team of professionals, Caring Matters redefined what was considered truly an exception in home care.

Caring Matters is headquartered in Reading, PA, but is expanding into markets throughout the United States with the addition of franchise partner offices in select markets.

About the Caring Matters Franchise:
Caring Matters can show you how to take advantage of this expanding market and the growing need for In Home Care services. We offer a proven and effective way to start your own In Home Care business in an exclusive, protected territory. Complete with training, Support and a Franchise System that Cares about your Success.

What makes us different? Caring Matters works primarily through government contracts to pay for the client care. As a Caring Matters franchisee, you will be supported by us in establishing and building these government agreements which allow you to develop your business for customers who need your care in the worst way. By operating your business without being dependent on discretionary income from your customers, it allows you to build a business quickly and effectively without feeling the “bumps and bruises” that come with the economic swings. Caring Matters business has increased over 500% in the last four years….this is something you want to be a part of.

Caring Matters Franchise Video:

For more information on the Caring Matters Home Care Franchise, Contact Us:  (800) 610-0292.

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