Thursday, February 17, 2011

The PHWS Franchise is Growing

PHWS International Starting 2011 Off Strong

PHWS has started the year off with a strong start. Builders around the country have dealt with a difficult housing market and overall weak economy. The organization has signed agreements with several high-profile builder organizations in California and North Carolina. With an increasingly aware sense of management costs and a focus on economies within their businesses, PHWS suite of services have proven to be even more valuable today.

PHWS provides customer care to homeowners in addition to Third Party Warranty management. The homeowners are happy and comfortable that specialists who know and understand the trade of warranty management and focus on caring for their needs while the builders are confident and able to focus attention on other value add areas of their business. PHWS essentially becomes and extension of the builder’s organization, servicing clients many times even with builder’s logos and uniforms one, the PHWS team provides a builder with a qualified and experienced workforce, without the accompanying overhead.

In today’s market, builders need every competitive advantage they can find. PHWS delivers exactly that, a competitive advantage that benefits the builder, homeowner and bottom line of an organization. In most cases, PHWS has the ability to offer cost savings to a builder when compared to managing customer care in-house. This is done through a leveraged system that PHWS has used for over 13 years in providing customer care in addition to industry leading technology that PHWS has invested in over several years time.

PHWS looks at builder clients like partners. Together, the two organizations work in tandem and leverage each other’s skill sets and focus on areas of expertise. By segmenting responsibilities and building on a range of talents, a mutually successful and beneficial relationship can be developed in a very short time.

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