Thursday, June 3, 2010

WSI Franchise

Wsi Franchise – Recession Proof?
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Many people these days want to know about recession-proof businesses. And who can blame them? While it’s true that the global financial situation is alarming there is also as great deal of scare-mongering going on which, if taken too much to heart, would have even the bravest of entrepreneurs hiding under a blanket and not investing in anything at all.

Don’t Panic – Make Informed Decisions

Recession, like any major situation, inspires some extreme reactions, but the truth is, recession or no, we all still need to earn money in order to survive. Now, there’s a school of thought that says we all ought to lie low and wait till the panic is over and order is restored before investing in new businesses. While it’s prudent not go flinging our hard earned cash into new ventures without thinking long and hard about doing so, making sensible and informed choices about how much we invest and who we invest it with is, as it would be regardless of a credit crunch, important.

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Finance Houses Favour Franchises

So, is a WSI franchise a recession proof business? Yes, as near as darn it it is. Firstly, banks and lending institutions, while increasingly stringent in their operations, have always favoured franchises. They’re known to do well, far better than owner-operator business and for this reason lenders are in favour of funding the purchase of them. Good news, in a recession. You can still qualify for a business loan or loan for capital even in these uncertain times, provided you want to invest in a proven business franchise like a WSI consultancy.

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Tax Incentives

This sort of business can be run from home, online, so running costs are minimal. It makes a significant difference to the operation of your business if you eliminate costly travel fees, rental on premises and equipment, etc. A WSI consultant can operate from home, not only is this convenient and cheaper than working outside the home, but there are tax incentives for doing so too.

An Essential Service

In addition, a general rule in recessive times is that luxury goods and services suffer and see a drop in sales, as everyone is trying to cut the cost of living. WSI’s services (they provide Internet and Technology Solutions to businesses) are an essential for the many businesses currently online and wanting to boost their productivity. A WSI consultant provides a necessary service, one which there has always been a call for but one which the recession makes even more essential to the running and success of many businesses worldwide. And this need is predicted to rise.

Minimum Investment = Maximum Returns

In times of recession we are all naturally cautious about spending our money. So it’s heartening to know that a franchise with WSI comes in at just under $50,000. That’s an all-inclusive one off fee, and a very modest one in comparison to a lot of other business opportunities available today.

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