Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mr. Sandless Franchise

Mr. Sandless Franchise LLC Refinisher

Mr. Sandless Franchise LLC Refinisher : My floor has different shades. Can you blend these?

Yes! Please perform this simple test. Take a cloth and wet it. Rub the cloth over a small section of the floor. The moment the floor is wet, this is the color and tone your floor will be when our service is complete. Most floors are not stained a color. The color is achieved when a finish is applied, which brings out the natural tones and warmth of the floor boards. The color depends on the type of wood used. For blending purposes, please perform the wet test on an area where the different colors meet. If the two blend when wet, then the colors will blend with our service. If not, can you live with the slight color difference? Most people won’t notice. You can also use area rugs. Are you planning on using area rugs any way? If so, there is no reason you shouldn’t proceed with service. If someone sanded around an area rug, we can blend that out for you as well!

Mr. Sandless Franchise LLC More important than the type of finish is whether the floor has been waxed or cleaned with an oil-based product. If these waxes or cleaners have ever been applied to the floor, the new coating will not bond properly. You should also be careful of areas that have been exposed to furniture polish. If you have any doubts, test the finish in an inconspicuous area, let it dry, and see if it bonds well before attacking the whole floor.

Mr. Sandless Franchise LLC Info Mr. Sandless™ are members of the International Franchise Association, the National Wood Floor Association, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Philadelphia Apartment Association, and the Better Business Bureau.

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