Monday, May 10, 2010

The Barking Zone Franchise

What is the Barking Zone Franchise?

The Barking Zone Dog Daycare opened in 2003. Our focus is having a safe environment where dogs can learn to socialize and meet new friends in the process. We started our business at Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic and quickly realized what a great asset this was to the clinic. Now, our vision is to add a daycare located at Veterinary Clinics to help them enjoy the success we created. An excerpt from our brochure will explain what we do:

Do you feel guilty leaving your dog when you go to work? Do you feel guilty when you go on vacation? Is your dog too hyper when you get home? Do your daily obligations keep your pet from exercising? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, The Barking Zone Dog Daycare is your answer! The Barking Zone is a great place where your dog can play in a fun and safe environment. Our daycare is supervised care, with veterinarians on site, where dogs play all day with friends. The dogs have many option of things to do during the day such as play ball, cool off in the pools, or just relax! We also strive to have all day play when possible. Some daycares will be all outside and some will have some indoor space. When the daycare is all outside, rain, shine, hot or cold, we are playing. Trust us, the dogs do not mind.

This is a day in the life of your best friend at The Barking Zone Dog Daycare: Playmates are let out in the yard around 8:30 am. They play with toys, run around, cool off in the pools, or just relax. At 11:30 am, we start to bring them in for nap time. Tired dogs need a nap! At 1:00 pm, they go back outside to play with their friends until 4:30 pm. We then put them up for the night, or they wait for their parents to pick them up. When parents arrive, playmates are ready to go home and relax after a RUFF day of play.

We know how to establish this service at your veterinary clinic without disrupting your business as it stands today. Call us and we will tell you more of how quickly we can add a daycare to your clinic. We know that adding The Barking Zone Dog Daycare to your clinic will increase your profits, grow your business, enhance your image, and let dogs have a blast at your clinic!!!!

Rick Clark – Pack Leader

In addition to his role as president for the company, he is responsible for location, development and training of all new franchisees and employees. As of 2009, Rick has spent the last six years perfecting The Barking Zone™ Dog Daycare System and is an expert in dog daycare operations.

Rick always dreamed of owning a dog daycare. After graduating college, he began his search for the right location to open his first dog daycare. After 2 years of searching for the right place with the right zoning, Rick conceived an idea… “Why don’t I sell my idea to a veterinary clinic?” Rick selected a well-know veterinary clinic and after several meetings with the Vets, they agreed to rent him the space to test out his concepts, provided it would not interfere with their current clinic operations.

Six years later, The Barking Zone™ Dog Daycare System is a huge success. It is my desire to assist Veterinary Clinics across the United States to duplicate the success I have had in business.


  1. The Barking Zone is a unique pet franchise model, very effective in this market because of the low investment to start one. Great concept for today's market.

  2. The Barking Zone is a fun, legitimate franchise concept. It is great to see honest entrepreneurs paving the way in a new industry like this they way that the Barking Zone is doing it.


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