Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Action Bartending School

Looking to Mix Things Up
Action Bartending School Makes Becoming An Atlanta Bartender Easy
By Melody Jacone 03.01.2010

If you’ve ever wanted the thrill of mixing cocktails for swanky customers at an upscale bar or even making drinks for regulars at the local watering hole, then maybe you should consider becoming a bartender.

It’s a lot easier then you may think – just ask the students who’ve graduated from Action Bartending School in Atlanta. From bartending bootcamp courses to job placement assistance your dreams of becoming an Atlanta bartender may not be out of reach.

We sat down with Kamal, Vice President of Action Bartending School in Atlanta to find out a bit more about their exciting bartending classes and how they got started.

Buzz Entertainment Magazine: How did the idea for creating Action Bartending School in Atlanta first come about?
Kamal: We were a staffing company in hospitality for past six years when we realized that there were never enough efficient bartenders when we needed them, as the bartenders who were very skillful were always busy making money. That’s the day we decided to open a bartending school, to help hotels, our staffing company and also students to be properly trained and find jobs.

Buzz Entertainment Magazine: How are you unique from other bar tending schools in Atlanta?
K: Our students graduate within a week with a master bartender certificate, they pay the lowest price compared to other schools and they can also work part time through our action staffing company.

Buzz Entertainment Magazine: Why do you think bartending has become such a popular occupation?
K: It is learn-able skill, mixing drinks. If you are an outgoing person, who knows customer’s names and drinks you can make a comfortable living, and not worry about layoffs.

Buzz Entertainment Magazine: What type of teachers do you have on staff at Action School of Bartending?
K: Instructors have worked in bars for over five years. They know all the trends in the industry, and they give hands on training which builds confidence in students.

Buzz Entertainment Magazine: What can a first-time student expect to learn at Action School of Bartending?
K: Right from basics, how to set the bar, what glasses to use for cocktails, what garnishes are used in making cocktails, classification of wines, beers, mixed drinks, liqueurs and customer-service.

Buzz Entertainment Magazine: What are your facilities like?
K: Our classroom is in an actual bar environment where every student is given a station to work. Students consistently make every cocktail three times. There are also lots of hands on-training; assignments are given every day to learn more about wines, beer, various cocktail recipes. There is a test given at the end of the program, and then students are certified as master bartenders.

Buzz Entertainment Magazine: Do you help your students find jobs?
K: We assist students with finding full time jobs, they can also work part time through our Action staffing company.

Buzz Entertainment Magazine: How has the economy affected your business?
K: The state of the economy has actually helped our business. Our enrollment has increased as more and more people are looking for second jobs.

Buzz Entertainment Magazine: What future plans do you have for Action School of Bartending?
K: We are opening two more schools in Atlanta, we are also working on franchising our school as it can benefit students to be trained and find jobs nationwide.

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