Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I-Media Publications

Christopher Conner will be a contributor for i-Media Publications. His role with the paper will be as a business contributor to the newspaper. Here is some information on the publication:

Alrroya Aleqtisadiya

Alrroya Aleqtisadiya, meaning Economic Vision, is the first Arabic language newspaper in the Emirates dedicated to business, financial and economic affairs from a UAE perspective.

Imedia’s mission is to help its readers connect with and keep abreast of events occurring in and impacting on the business environment in the UAE, the GCC and the rest of the world.

Since the UAE’s formation in 1971 the country has become one of the world’s fastest growing economies and continues to attract some of the leading global companies.

However, in terms of having Arabic business newspapers reflecting this growth the UAE has, until now, lagged but with the launch of Alrroya Aleqtisadiya a new benchmark has been set.

UAE readers will now be able to buy a high quality, Arabic business daily that speaks their language, understands their needs and is a voice for the UAE’s vibrant business community.

Alrroya Aleqtisadiya focuses on various economic sectors, examining breaking news, providing analysis of current business related stories, conducting executive interviews and investigative reporting.

All this is brought to you through various sections that make Alrroya Aleqtisadiya an indispensable information tool.

From the UAE to the Gulf and globally we endeavour to offer insights and expert views on finance, economy, energy, IT, automobiles, travel and tourism, lifestyle and sports.


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