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Splash and Dash for Dogs

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Proven Success of Splash and Dash for Dogs Program Offers Dramatic Bottom Line Increase for Groomers

PALM DESERT, Calif. (January 11, 2010) – What does a health club have in common with a dog grooming salon? If the salon offers the newly Licensed Splash and Dash for Dogs™ program, the answer is a proven, successful business model.

In a mere 90 days, owner of Hollywood Premier Pets Dan Barton has seen his bottom line increase by $10,000 per month, solely due to the Splash and Dash for Dogs™ program he conceptualized. With a solid, recurring revenue stream in place, and his monthly expenses covered through the program, anything else he makes through the licensed service is sheer profit.

“It’s an amazing feeling to go into each month knowing that we have over $10,000.00 coming in from the program on day one. ” Barton states.

Barton took his 15 years of experience as Franchise owner and later Chief Financial Officer of World Gym and applied the same business model to his new grooming endeavor. Seeing the enormous success of Splash and Dash for Dogs™ in his own shop, he recently trademarked and began licensing the program, allowing other grooming salons to also reap its benefits. Splash and Dash for Dogs™ unlimited doggie spa services for a single monthly fee. Services include bathing, brushing, hydro-massage and hand blow-dry, all provided in a relaxing, spa-like environment.

This successfully proven business model is easily incorporated by other established groomers, for which most needed equipment and supplies are already in place, there is little start-up cost. Once a customer base and steady monthly revenue stream is established with Splash and Dash for Dogs™, the daily stress of hoping someone walks into your shop, or shows up for their appointment, is alleviated. Another priceless feature for proprietors is the ability to project earnings, while also integrating a proven customer retention system. If grooming and regular bathing services can be provided in one place, dog owners enjoy the convenience and maintain shop loyalty. With a constant flow of Splash and Dash customers, groomers also have increased traffic and a broader base to entice with other services or discounts.

To begin their own Splash and Dash for Dogs™ program, interested parties can sign up for a free phone consultation to make sure it’s right for them. Once dedicated to starting up, a screening process is undergone, and once approved, a license is purchased. Barton is so dedicated to changing the industry with his Splash and Dash for Dogs™, his team has put together an extensive operation manual and will personally train up to three of your employees at Hollywood Premier Pets in Palm Desert CA. As a licensee, you’ll also receive unlimited monthly marketing support, advertising support and collateral design by his team. While financial outlay includes a licensing fee and royalties of the monthly billing, initial start up financing is available.

For more information and testimonials on Splash and Dash for Dogs, please call 888-815-BATH (2284) or visit www.splashintomorecash.com.

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