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How to Utilize Social Media

Don’t Forget to Manage Social Media
Posted on: March 20th, 2009 Comment

It’s no secret that businesses are becoming increasingly involved in social media. There are tremendous opportunities in the social space and as Lisa Buyer of The Buyer Group says in this video, social is not going anywhere.
Some businesses are hesitant to incorporate social media into their business structure because of the negativity that could come with it. Lisa says that transparency is part of the game of social media and just like social, it’s not going away. She also points out that businesses simply need to treat their social efforts the same way that they would treat any other business strategy.
After businesses realize their need to utilize social media, the next step is finding where it fits. Social media has to match your own business. What works for one business may not work for yours. Lisa recommends going back to your business plan and looking at your goals and objectives. From there, decide where social is the best fit.
Once you have implemented your social media strategy, don’t get too comfortable because your job is nowhere near over. You have to closely manage your social campaign because there can be a downside to it.
Lisa’s own company got hit with this type of situation when an employee made negative comments about an influential media personality. The business received negative publicity and the employee had to be terminated. According to Lisa, problems such as this one occur because employees not only represent themselves, but also their employer.
Because social is becoming a customary part of the overall business strategy, Lisa encourages employers to take proactive steps and create social media policies so that employees know what their boundaries are. Social media offers too many advantages to not use it, but you do have to remember that it requires diligent management.

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